Caps Smooth Silver Gold Metal Lid With Liners

Designed for standard mouth bottle, built-in silicone seals ensure that the lid can be securely sealed, gold mason jar lids are leak free and air tight.



Size: Customized size available
Color: Gold,silver or Customized
Material: Metal
Moq: 10000
Outer packing: Standard export carton packing

One-Stop Customization

One-stop service can customize tank jar,liners and lids,custom jar lids can be designed to fit specific jar sizes and shapes.By designing packaging that is unique to a particular product or brand, businesses can differentiate themselves from competitors, increase brand recognition, and provide a better customer experience. They can help to maintain product quality, and increase brand recognition.

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Add A Luxurious Touch to Your Brand

Reliable material, these round slime containers adopt quality gold material, not easy to be broken,easy filling and removing. The screw-top lids make sure you tighten the lid easily and will not let the content leak out and tight seal. Upscale bottle for cream, ointments, salves ,spices, and other skincare products,easy to clean, reuse, and recycle.

Series Packaging

Series packaging is a popular choice for brands that want to create a cohesive product line with a consistent look and feel, while also providing practical benefits for both the brand and the consumer.A brand may offer a range of products that use the same type.By using the same type of disc-cap closure across these products, the brand can create a cohesive and recognizable product line that is easy for consumers to identify and use.

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