Acrylic Plastic Lotion Press Airless Jar

With high transparency and gloss, acrylic plastic cosmetic packaging materials have become the first choice for cosmetic packaging with its excellent performance and advantages.


NameSmall Concentrate Jar with Black Child Proof Cap
Capacity3 grams 5 grams 7 grams 9 grams
Colortransparent or customized
Bottle CapBlack Kids Proof Cap
Outer packingstandard export carton packing
Surface treatmentsilk screen, frosted, electroplating, spray color, bronzing


Capacity: 15g/30g/50g/custom

Material: PMMA/custom

Color: Blue/White/Custom

Shape: Round/Custom

Bottle Cap: Airless pump/custom

MOQ: 10000

Outer packaging: Standard export carton packing

Surface treatment: Silk screen printing/Hot stamping/Labeling/Plating/Paint Spraying/Frosting/Embossed Printing/custom

One-Stop Customization

Our custom packaging service is all about bringing our clients’ creative visions to life. Whether it’s a sleek and minimalist design, a bold and vibrant look, or a luxurious and elegant aesthetic, our customization options include colors, shapes, materials, embellishments, accessories, and more that can be tailored to your specific product needs and make them stand out from the competition and tell your brand story in a captivating way.

PMMA Cosmetic Packaging J008 5.10
PMMA Cosmetic Packaging J008 5.4
PMMA Cosmetic Packaging J008 5.6

Add A Luxurious Touch to Your Brand

PMMA plastic cosmetic packaging material is the preferred choice for premium packaging due to its unmatched clarity, durability and eco-friendly properties. It provides a clear display window to the interior of cosmetics, offers reliable protection and is recyclable, making it an environmentally friendly and visually appealing cosmetic packaging option.

Series Packaging

Customized luxury suites for your brand! We are committed to being a one-stop shop for one-stop customized solutions that reflect the uniqueness of your brand. Different product packaging can be mixed and matched to create unique sets that match your brand’s personality and positioning.

PMMA Cosmetic Packaging J008 5.2
PMMA Cosmetic Packaging J008 5.7
PMMA Cosmetic Packaging J008 5.1
PMMA Cosmetic Packaging J008 5.8
PMMA Cosmetic Packaging J008 5.9