Child-Resistant Bottles

Child-resistant packaging is an essential element in the business of cosmetic due to the risks of exposing children to the hazards of cosmetics. Jarskin helps implement proactive safe measures through our child-resistant bottles made with legible, instructive labels and airtight sealing that prevents children from easily opening bottles unsupervised.

We Guarantee Safer, Lasting Bottles As Your Child-Resistant Packaging Manufacturer.

We apply the principle of child-resistant packaging by producing various caps that need to be pushed down and then twisted. As such a feat requires adult strength, children remain safe and unable to access the cosmetic contents on their own.


Applying our experience as China’s leading child-resistant cosmetic bottles manufacturer, we aim to help establish your brand’s trust in your market with our child-resistant bottles. Using the latest SMT lines and automated production equipment, we consistently produce the same level of premium child-resistant bottles that can secure your contents and offer tight sealing.

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Show Your Brand’s Concern For Safety With Child Bottle Customizations

Brands secure the trust of their customer base through an accessible line of child-resistant bottles. Jarsking’s advanced technology and self-owned facilities enable our packaging to be customized according to your cosmetic requirements while being at lower costs.

Our concern for child safety is embodied in our expansive decoration options that all provide the same level of detail in warning and instructing customers on cosmetic usage. Along with our frosting, lacquering and other printing techniques, we also customize pumps and caps to tightly seal in such a way only adults can open the bottle.

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Careful Consideration for More Effective Child-Resistant Packaging Design

Where Did Our Child-Resistant Packaging Come From

Considerations in making child-resistant bottles include thicker walls for our bottle materials and widening our bottles, ensuring they are not easy to hold or shatter when they fall. In addition to preventing cracks and opening the bottle, durable glass and plastic walls are also tested for shatterproofness to prevent any accidents.

Along with bottle materials, our factory uses plastic and other materials to produce lasting and tight-sealing caps, such as rim-snap, push-and-turn, squeeze-and-pull and others. Child-resistant caps can be recycled as well and are customized to fit a variety of bottle shapes and sizes, ensuring the same effect applies to a diverse product range.

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Setting good examples to our children with child-safe bottle materials.

Choose between any of our plastic and glass materials can depend on the formulation you use and the need for stronger material to withstand harsher substances. By using thicker materials for child-resistant bottles, we make them heavier to hold and open for children while protecting the contents.


Applying our extensive experience, Jarsking produces designs that have been tested to protect children from harm. We acquire shatterproof materials that are resilient to damage and can be easily shaped into our desired bottle form. Along with our control over production, we follow strict standards in selecting the right bottles for your needs. 

Child-resistant designs ensure safety and long service life

Having experience with global brands and knowledge of several cap and bottle designs known in the industry, we produce child-resistant bottles that can set your brand apart. Being able to produce reclosable and non-reclosable child-resistant bottles, Jarsking can etch your commitment to child safety into our design.


With the latest technology, we carry out OEM/ODM solutions that fuse your needs for unique, trendy designs and child-safe structure at affordable prices. We make child-resistant packaging more available to you and more accessible to your audience.

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