Work With China’s Leading Airless Bottle Manufacturer For Discount Deals

The main branding feature of our airless bottles is their transparency in showing the formula to your audience while preserving the exact quality within the bottle. Our airless bottles maintain formula consistency by being made of chemically stable glass and plastic. We structure our bottles to keep moisture, air and other contaminants from seeping into the container.

As China’s top airless bottle supplier, Jarsking provides exclusive, eyecatching airless bottles that have strong decorative potential by offering free design services. With advanced technology and mold making processes, we fulfill your exact requirements and guarantee our airless bottles consistently perform in the long term.

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Airless Packaging Is More Relevant Than Ever In Cosmetics

Airless bottles are the go-to option for comprehensive preservation of any cosmetics for long-term use. With their portable size and durable structure in one packaging, our airless bottles can secure your cosmetic contents without worrying about leakage. This way, your customers maintain peace of mind in keeping their cosmetics safe at home or for travel.

We produce a variety of airless bottles made with differing materials such as PP and other green plastics and various caps. Having multiple layers of thick plastic walls and tight locking helps guarantee that air and moisture do not enter and thus prevent spoilage of your cosmetics.

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Considerations for choosing excellent airless bottle design and custom features

Improved Storage Capability and More Branding Opportunities in One Packaging

Preserving the shelf life of your products, our airless bottles restrict airflow through their vacuuming effect. For this reason, cosmetic brands opt for premium airless bottles to isolate sensitive formulations and ensure safe consumption.


With advanced technology, we realize your airless bottle requirements. Our materials and mold-making process make the production of diverse caps and pumps easier, which help tightly seal your cosmetics and dispense your formula without making waste. Along with their structural integrity, our airless bottles can also be readily decorated with any finishes and foils to set them apart on the shelf.

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Learn The Effortless Operation of Our Custom Airless Bottles

Our airless bottles work like vacuums as a disk at the bottom moves up and ensures your cream or liquid cosmetics maintain their consistency in an airtight structure. The locking pump mechanism adds to the security of our bottles as they keep away any and all contaminants, from bacteria and moisture to UV rays from the outside.


Through our advanced technology and stable access to raw materials, we can produce large volumes of bottles in varying capacities to serve more customers. These include 10ml(0.35oz), 15ml(0.5oz), 20ml(0.7oz), 30ml(1oz), 50ml(1.7oz), 80ml(2.8oz), 100ml(3.4oz) and 120ml(4.1oz).

Create More Value With Bespoke Airless Bottle Design

Our design principle focuses on boosting your sales through strong brand recognition and ergonomic features that guarantee customer convenience. Among our bottles’ features, we provide actuators that each come with an ergonomic depression for finger placement that ensures more comfortable usage.


Jarsking offers diverse designs that come with uniquely-shaped caps and pumps for better recognition. We also add thicker walls of plastic for our plastic airless bottles that also serve to make them glasslike and an appealing aesthetic for offices and other rooms.

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