PE Cosmetic Packaging

Polyethylene (PE) is a durable and flexible plastic that can be shaped into vials, bottles, or tubes. Its strong qualities make the material suitable for various beauty, personal care, and cosmetic products. Jarsking comprehensive customization service lets you find unique PE cosmetic packaging that can bolster your brand.

Sustainable PE Cosmetic Packaging Manufacturer

Cosmetic packaging materials require rigid and strong qualities that make them resistant to strong vibrations or fall impact. By having these durable qualities, there is a low risk of the packaging cracking open and having its content contaminated. Polyethylene (PE) is a good example of a plastic material suited for beauty, personal care, and cosmetic products due to its durability.


Jarsking has a rich selection of PE plastic materials packaging for liquids, gels, and lotions. This packaging comes in a wide range of sizes and shapes to address your business needs. We also offer an extensive range of secondary processes under one roof to help you cut down on time, money, and effort.

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Business-Focused PE Cosmetic Packaging Decoration Services

PE cosmetic packaging needs to show the beneficial impact of your products to potential customers by having the right graphic, color, logo, and other important information. It should say that your lotions, gels, or formula will make their skin look healthy while it removes all the grimes from their body.


You can incorporate the right decoration on your PE cosmetic packaging through Jarsking’s comprehensive OEM/ODM services. We offer a rich selection of customization services to help you realize your unique PE cosmetic packaging that represents your brand. You will also be backed by professional designers with years of experience in the beauty, personal care, and cosmetic industry.

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What Makes Brand Enriching PE Cosmetic Packaging

High-Grade Materials

A good material for liquids, gels, and other formulas should be rigid and resistant to various physical damages, allowing retailers, distributors, and customers to store your product anywhere. In addition, the material should preserve the efficacy of your beauty, personal care, or cosmetic product by being non-reactive.


Polyethylene is a beneficial plastic material for various cosmetic packaging thanks to its flexible and durable characteristics. Jarsking is a top cosmetic packaging supplier that guarantees a steady supply of PE plastic material for your brand. Throughout certified factory and high-grade production lines, we can complete bulk orders of PE cosmetic packaging with a short lead time.

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Sustainable Solutions

One of the plastic materials that highly sustainable is polyethylene, thanks to its flexible applications. From cosmetic packaging to gas pipes, PE can be used for different industries. After its initial application, PE can be melted down to its raw form and repurposed as packaging or other objects. Utilizing this material allows cosmetic brands to reduce their global carbon footprint and use of landfill space.


To advocate the use of PE plastic materials, Jarsking only provides you with reliable materials to create marketable cosmetic packaging. This feat is possible by sourcing our raw materials from trusted suppliers and conducting a thorough screening of all materials before they are processed.

Marketable Designs

Successful marketing campaigns come from having the right PE cosmetic packaging design. The design does not just show your brand. It also represents how your “brand” can make a positive impact on your potential buyers. With the right design, your target audience will recognize your beauty, personal care, or cosmetic brand as a life-improving product.


Jarsking makes it possible for you to realize a powerful PE cosmetic packaging design with the help of our experienced designers and engineers. Along with our robust customization options, we will work with you to find the right PE cosmetic packaging that will make an impact on your target market.

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