EVA Cosmetic Packaging

An excellent packaging option for its flexibility as a base material for cosmetic bags and pouches, EVA plastics is an intelligent choice. Jarsking has comprehensive experience in using EVA plastics for Cosmetic packaging with a variety of design options of any size for sampling or shelf display in shops.

Take a Look at Our Options as Eva Packaging Manufacturer

Jarsking offers free design services on our packaging materials, like EVA plastic. Our products are fully customizable according to the client’s branding and target market to increase brand awareness for their product lines. We offer container designs and packaging options that grab customers’ attention.


EVA plastics are reliable and resistant to sun damage and stress cracking and are waterproof, perfect for outdoor and indoor use. Easy to form and handle, EVA plastic is flexible and can be a container or a form of packaging; it is one of the most versatile types of plastic.

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Unique Decorative Designs Brings Draws Attention to Your Products

Jarsking has a vast selection of custom options for EVA plastics, from containers to packaging. Our facilities can combine decorative options from surface coating to printing and embossing logos, brands, and product information. We give you custom designs that will make an impactful impression on shelves when it is on display.


There are many options to put decorations on EVA plastics providing a chic vibe on the exterior to catch customers’ attention. With our self-owned facility, we can provide the best service for our clients by giving them innovative designs with their input.

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Having the Eva Plastics Suitable for Your Product Line

Selecting the Best Materials for Cosmetic Containers and Packaging

Having the finest materials for optimum quality containers and packaging is what we bring to our clients. With an established supply chain, Jarsking can provide the finest EVA plastics to be molded as cosmetic containers or made into bags and pouches for samples and shelf display.


As a base material, EVA plastics are durable, versatile, and easy to mold into any container or form of packaging. EVA is used in many industries for its flexibility and resistance to extreme temperatures. As a lightweight, reliable container and packaging material, EVA plastics are an excellent choice for the cosmetic industry.

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Sustainability for Eco-Friendly Containers and Packaging

We aim to use EVA plastics by selecting sustainable materials for containers and packaging to reduce waste and increase efficiency through recycling. We ensure we stick to eco-friendly materials as much as possible for our packaging to be efficient and safe.


The industry must convert to sustainable materials to do our part in taking care of our planet. Jarsking uses sustainable materials as our materials, like EVA plastics, for containers and packaging. We choose EVA for its dependability and eco-friendly properties as a plastic material.

Smart Design to Grab Customer Attention in Shops

Innovative designs for packaging to boost branding are designed to draw customers’ attention to your products. Packaging and container designs that are elegant and professional to stand out on display windows and shelves. Our packaging provides an excellent shelf presence essential for high product sales.


Jarsking offers packaging designs for sampling or cosmetic product sets. We will assist you in improving your current branding or making a new design for a new product line with a specific target market. Our experts have years of expertise in making high-quality packaging in the cosmetic industry helping you to boost your sales.

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