Cosmetic packaging can build on customer experience by having innovative functions. These functions can improve the quality of life among customers as well as increase the lifespan of its content. Jarsking's rich customization options provide a wide range of functions that can improve your cosmetic packaging.

Cosmetic Bottles with Different Functions

The key to high return business rates without changes to your products is to improve your cosmetic packaging functions. Customers who enjoy the convenience of your cosmetic packaging will always think about buying your products again when their supply runs out.


Jarsking’s comprehensive customization options on beauty and cosmetic packaging include a wide range of functional parts. We can design packages that require more effort to open than usual to protect minors. Your beauty and cosmetic products can also have an extensive shelf life through our airless bottles. By working with us, we can create beauty and cosmetic packaging that bolsters your brand in your target markets.


All Function Categories

These bottles shield delicate creams, serums, and lotions from harmful light, ensuring the products retain their potency and freshness, offering customers a luxurious experience.

Dropper bottles are available in various sizes and capacities . They can be used in different types of liquids including essential oil, serums, tinctures, dyes, and more.

These bottles allow end users to dispense the product without opening the packaging. This feature allows the users to enjoy the lotion or cream for an extensive period.

Child-resistant packages (CRP) consist of enclosures that require pushing down on the lid while turning it to open the bottle, which prevents kids from coming into contact with the product.

More Categories for Your Packaging