Folding Boxes

An affordable option, our folding boxes are made of locally sourced eco-friendly materials and can be easily reused and stored anywhere. We ensure our materials are recyclable and durable at the same time so that we minimize waste accumulation. Choose from a variety of finishes to get started on acquiring cosmetic folding boxes.

How your Folding Boxes Supplier Helps Establish your Brand Reputation

Versatile and easy to fold in different ways, our folding boxes come in different shapes and materials to accommodate your differing cosmetic needs and appeal to the wider market. As we aim for sustainability, we acquire only eco-friendly plastic and carton materials to reduce waste accumulation.


We use different materials for your branding, whether transparent plastic folding to give your products a clearer view or durable carton that are built to last. With our free design and custom printing, our folding boxes bring more visibility to your brand while having a distinct visual identity through our packaging design.

Folding Boxes