Guiding You in the Process As Your Perfume Bottles Manufacturer

To realize the potential of your brand, we offer free design services that enable you to express a variety of ideas that appeal to your market specifically. Whether classic or contemporary, our designers enable our perfume bottles to come in shapes and forms that reflect your perfume’s quality.


Being China’s premium perfume bottles supplier, Jarsking offers comprehensives services, from product design to customization, thanks to our self-owned facilities. With complete control over production, we provide perfume bottles in high-end quality at affordable prices.

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Fulfill Your Brand’s Potential With Limitless Customization for Perfume Bottles

Perfume bottles deliver a more impactful message with carefully considered decoration styles that better present your product while protecting the bottle’s integrity. To help make the process easier, our experts offer professional advice and conduct thorough R&D to identify the trending styles in your respective markets.


Using the latest techniques and advanced technology, we carry out multiple decoration styles, use different colors, Through our self-owned factories, we fulfill your decoration requirements for large volume orders at a more affordable costs. Our experts guarantee that our decorations are tailor-fit to help you build a stronger brand image.

Custom Perfume Bottles

Key Considerations for Picking Proper Perfume Bottle Custom Features

Material Choices That Make Your Customers Choose Your Perfume Bottles

As your reliable perfume bottle supplier in China, we look for the right materials that suit your specifications and can maintain the quality of your chemical formulation. Using a variety of plastic and metal materials, we provide different ways to contain your perfume accordingly, each with their respective advantages.


Glass material comes with a transparent surface to easily view your perfumes while also preserving their quality due to being non-reactive. Our line of recycled plastics reuses various plastic materials to reduce waste and can be easily molded into different shapes at shorter lead times.

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100ml Perfume Bottles

Every Bottle From Recycled Materials Reduces Waste And Saves Resources.

Our line of glass and plastic materials are necessary for perfume bottles as they possess longer lifespan and protect contents from damage and spillage. With durability that increases their usage and minimizes the need to replace often, our perfume bottles help reduce the accumulation of waste in landfills.


Jarsking’s commitment to protecting the environment manifests through our strict auditing process where we guarantee that only recyclable plastics will be used. Through our facilities, we can readily reshape old glass and plastics into new bottles that are still just as usable and clean.

Visualize Your Lovely Scents With Exquisite Bottle Design.

Make ever type of perfume you make stand out with Jarsking’s patented perfume bottle designs. Provoke the imagination of your audience as our bottle designs help them recognize your brand’s scents and the quality they deliver.


Our leading market research and development helps you find hot-selling features unique to your locale and recognized by emerging markets so that we can produce the right design for your brand. From our designs, we can help boost sales for your product line and improve your brand’s reputation within your region.

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Perfume Bottle Caps

See More Functions Your Perfume Bottles Can Perform

To preserve the quality of your perfumes, we produce bottle caps made from ABS, acrylic or wood  layered with an inner cap made of PP material. From disc top closures with thick walls to metallic top caps, we provide unique cap designs that help with ensuring a secure locking system for your packaging. 


The addition of decorations such as colorful metal foils and pigments bring out the beauty of our packaging more while maintaining the cleanliness of the surface Jarsking’s market experience enables us to provide a variety of cap shapes and looks that make our perfume bottles more fashionable and familiar to your markets.